Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 Things I Want From My Apple Tablet.

Speculation is coming to an end tomorrow... so these are the ten things I want from my Apple Tablet, ISlate or Ipad, besides being addictive, fun to use, with you at all times and be the gadget to be seen with.

1 Multitouch 10" Screen
What would my tablet be without multitouch? Apple delivers an intuitive and responsive multitouch touch experience to my iPhone and the iPod touch. I want multitouch capability from my tablet.

2 Virtual Keyboard
No troubles with my iPhone's virtual keyboard, it makes sense for my Apple tablet. With a full multitouch display, it makes sense to have a virtual keyboard.

3 Full Remote Connectivity
WIFI with N draft, 3G, 4G or HSPA... wireless connectivity is an absolute must for my Apple Tablet to connect from anywhere.

4 BlueTooth Integration
Put on my stereo Bluetooth earbuds and watch my favorite movie on the tablet — anytime, anyplace without wires!

5 Awesome Battery
Dreaming of a 5 day battery life between charges. But, really, willing to settle for 8 hours.

6 Apple App Store
Like it does with the iPhone, Apple App Store needs to be a key application in its tablet... more apps woout!

7 Mail
Mail is a must-have by design, need to access e-mail on my Apple Tablet.

8 USB Ports
My Apple Tablet needs a USB port for expandability. As required.

9 SD Card Slot
Again, SD card slot for expandability and storage.

10 Price
Must be priced Under $600.00

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