Friday, October 19, 2007

Become a Winzero IT Hero

A Winzero IT Hero is an IT Professional or a Winzero Consultant who goes above and beyond to solve technical challenges and then unselfishly shares the experiences with others in the IT community.

You can nominate a Winzero IT Hero or tell us how you solved an IT challenge with Winzero solutions, consulting or customizing and share your experiences, challenges and solutions.

Tell us your story at: Winzero IT Hero

We will review each story and post your experince with your picture on the Winzero IT Hero site for other IT professionals to benefit from your experience.

You can also check back and review challenges of other IT professionals that have solved issues that you may be facing.

Most IT professionals face the same challenges, at Winzero IT Hero you can share your solutions or learn from others who were faced with similar challenges.