Sunday, April 27, 2008

Randy Brodrick - Mammoth Mountain IT Staff

Domain migration can be seemless with careful planning, standard processes and great communication. That's the message Winzero IT Heros of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort got from the Winzero Domain Migration Consulting Team that help make their domain migration seamless.

Randy Brodrick and the Mammoth Mountain IT staff decided not to "reinvent the wheel again".
So what makes them heros?

Each and every day the Mammoth Mountain IT staff is solving problems that cause barriers to business issues. They don’t do it for the glory or the fame, but for the satisfaction and pride of keeping the end users up and running. Whether it be design, deployment or support – the Mammoth Mountain Winzero IT Hero team keeps pushing the bar higher and higher – demonstrating that they are able to create new value using IT and executeing their Windows domain and Exchange migration project well in innovative ways: deploying a new technology and applying a familiar technology to a new purpose. In short, these are Winzero IT Hero leaders.

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